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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
I think games like Teräs Käsi, Yoda Stories, and the like would better fit the poll.
Teräs Käsi is on the list, and people whine that I put Yoda on ever list, so I left him off this one and people still whine. Can't win for losing.

As to TSL on the list, while I agree it is one of the best Star Wars games of all-time, that was largely thanks to a majority of this community. The game was close to unplayable with all the bugs and incomplete quest lines. I still remember running through a area on Telos for almost an hour trying to figure out how to open one door only to come here and finally figure out that the door did not open that it was a incomplete quest line. Also while I liked the ending, many on the forum at the time raged on it almost as bad as they did the ME3 ending.

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