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Post God, this is laughable !

Some people try to argue with me about the fact that they're right when they censor and at the end I'm not even able to DISCUSS because my thread is... censored !


Hey, really thank you guys !
It's always great to have a good laugh from time to time.

I've been to many messageboards and this one must be the most severe about censorhip...

Personnaly, I respect the rules : I've asked a question about the game, I've been answered and I'm really thankful but God, do you expect all of us to ONLY speak about the game ?!

Cause if the miute we start speaking about something else and the minute we start having a 'tense' debate, oftenly a base for real interseting discussions (where does that GUNNER man come from ?!), we're censored, then don't worry guys, you won't have many people to talk to...

Have a nice day ! (I'm sincere)

A man who want your own good.
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