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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
I agree. But according to their past reports, they were still a long way to finish that season 6. They refer to the episodes left as "bonus content", so I doubt we'll get more 20 episodes.
I and several other fans of the show have sent letters to both Disney and Lucasfilm showing our disapproval of the series cancellation. There are still several groups on the web dedicated to this but I am skeptical it will really change anything. Personally I think the series deserves one last full season of episodes to wrap it up and act as something of a bridge between now and the release of "Episode VII". If that can become reality some episodes can be kept back from airing to make room for story arcs that conclude the arc's already set in motion in previous seasons and then released as "lost episodes" when released to DVD / Blueray.

As for the changes and layoffs at Lucasarts I am in two minds about it. First I am sad to see such talented people at the studio being laid off. It is always terrible news and seems to be the lot of many gaming studios. Even the moderately successful ones. Probably due to the ridiculous amount of money it takes these days to make a high end title due to the power of the platforms currently (or going to be) on the market.

Nonetheless Lucasarts have not made entirely wise business decisions over the last decade. I actually thought they should go the licensing and "producer" route well before George Lucas sold it's assets to Disney. That said I am sad at how many projects are going to the wayside as we cannot be certain as consumers whether the sequel trilogy of Star Wars films or Disney's plans for the franchises they now own are worth the loss of so much talent and promising projects (The Clone Wars, 1313, etc).
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