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Seems appropriate, given the circumstance.

I do seem to recall saying somewhere, SW:TOR would be Lucas' last major production before retiring for good...and while it has not played out literally this way to just that tune, it is more or less what happened. All of a sudden those SW games, and comics on the shelves everywhere are looking more desirable.

We knew for awhile this was coming, but now that it has, it still is a bummer because it marks the end of an era. I guess we are the future, here with our forum...
Actually glad now, I have made my place here in this forum's community among all of you. I mean it. Didn't think much of it but now I'm suddenly not so apathetic about what goes on here.

Guess I better get on with my new machine so I can play TOR and all that jazz, eh?

Still, for the moment I'm going to play some music...can't be sure if it should be depressing or if it should renew hope as we stride into the future, looking back fondly...
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