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Originally Posted by Hunters Run View Post
Getting the camera to zoom in on a workbench shouldn't be a problem. Simply place a camera over the workbench (not the easiest thing) and use the camera Id and angle tab in the dlg editor. However, placing a camera means making a new entry in area's git- not the best method if your looking for compatibility as other mods would edit this file. For k2 this would be tslrcm, another mod for k1. An idea is that I edit the .git files of these mods with the permission of the authors. For anybody else I can give instructions on how I edited the .git file.

As you are no doubt wondering what mod I am working on, all I can say is that involves a real time workbench (provided everything works out).
If you're willing to wait, I can probably make a program that will unpack a .mod, open the .git file, and allow you to edit it. I could make it make a list of the changes(similar to the changes.ini of TslPatcher) and then re-pack it. I will need time though, since I have no laptop/computer that I can do whatever I want on and am forced to visit my brother and use his.

It is possible though, if you're willing to wait...

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