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Cool Guy Jedi academy mapping and animations

Hey there this is going to sound disloyal, especially given disneys recent murder of Lucasarts, but I have a question. In about two months time I want to start working on a game which is essentially a very extensive mod of Jedi academy but the end product would be an Indiana jones game. (I just love how Jedi academy works). I'm actually a sound/music and texture guy, but I wanna make the models and maps on my own. I tried using gtk radiant a number of years ago and hated it so much I was put off modding jk since. I also don't really love blender... So is it at all possible to use google sketchup to create the levels and models (eg 1950s guns etc) texture them there and then and then export them as .3ds files and then use blender to convert them to map or mdl files respectively? The texturing with radiant just scares me :/ if this wouldn't work can anyone suggest something else which is still not as challenging as using just radiant? I also know as much about scripting as jar jar binks knew about politics so I would be keen to avoid it... Although I wouldn't mind learning. For this project I would keep as much original scripting as I can. So alternatively could someone suggest a good tutorial for radiant? Which moves quickly and beyond making a room with a box?

Anyone know how to make animations as well? This is where I'd be verrry keen to learn scripting since I want to make some cutscenes with dialogue.

Is there anything else I should consider? As I said my main things are sound and music (so if anyone wants to join in, feel free )

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