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LucasArts - R.I.P.

Wow ... I can't remember the last time I visited my old stomping grounds here, but it's nice to be back. At least one more time. And though I may be speaking to an empty chamber, what memories I have of this place!

I made a lot of friends here, starting with Kurgan, Wilhuf, StormHammer, and many more. What a motley crew we were, hailing from all over the world, but joined in common purpose: our love of Star Wars games, ranging from "Jedi Knight: MotS" to "X-Wing Alliance". What fun we had!

I realize that my old friends are likely ghosts, long gone, scattered to the far corners of the world, living their lives. As it should be.

Still, I sometimes wonder if they ever think back on the old days. When we were young, the games were fun, and we laughed a thousand laughs! It seems so, so long ago, like a fading whisper, dimmed by age. I'll never forget them, and am privileged, if even for a short time, to have called them friends.

Yet, none of this would have come to pass without LucasArts, and their classic games. For the fun, the friends and the memories, I am truly grateful.

As most of you probably know by now, LucasArts has ceased operations, as of April 3, 2013:

I think some of us knew this moment was coming - that LucasArts was near the end. For just as every journey has a first step, so must it have a last. Again, as it should be. As it was meant to be. I'll always have fond memories of LucasArts, and of this place.

Goodbye, LucasArts. And thank you ... for everything.

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