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Nice to make your acquaintance. I'm one of the main residing folks around this bit here.

Why not visit around a little bit now that you're back? We fans are the future, and are all that is left of Star Wars.

You might pop your head into Yoda's Swamp, they would love to see an oldbie. Stormy has been through quite a bit, and though I hardly know him I do feel a bit for his loss. Dath has a kid now.

I hang out in the KOTOR section, the TOR section and the aforementioned Jedi Knight area. But by all means, chat it up while you're here too. In fact I think LF ought to have a poll thread or some kind of site wide hurrah. In fact I think I'll go and suggest that in the help section.

Yeah, I think we have all seen this coming. Disney doesn't want competition. At all.

We shall mourn its loss, now that it has come. Let us all reminisce about the past of this site, as recent or distant as it may be.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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