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Suggestion: Site-wide hurrah in the wake of LucasArts' demise

I see some people coming on here from the past since the dreaded announcement we all knew was coming. I think it would behoove us LF'ers to have an announcement and thread in anticipation of returning members whether they come once or come back for a while to share. possibly think about our future as a community of fans online and consider whatever is down the road. Possibily exchange with one another and connect elsewhere on the net. Keep in contact with each other in the far-flung areas of the world from which we reside.

Afterall this news is fundamental to our purpose to having LF in the first place. I think something ought to happen. Threads are opening everywhere, but it might be nice to have one big thread. Old members, newer members, seeing old "faces" to reminisce, as well as meeting new ones.

Is anyone in agreement, disagreement, unsure?

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