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So a couple of more questions for those who may have played on the test server about 2.0.

1. Will any of the new armor have set bonuses in them? I mean they pretty much have said they are getting rid of Tionese, Columni and Rakata and that Black Hole will be the new Tionese in 2.0 and Black Hole armor doesn't have set bonuses in them.

2. Will their be a vendor that still sells the Campaign armor mods with the bonuses in the armor like the Black Hole vendor currently does? In my mind the only reason they did this was because of the Cartel Market allowing people to wear a variety of outfits but still keep their bonuses. So since they value their Cartel Market highly I presume will all the packs they keep coming out with I would hope they still have these armor pieces for sell somewhere.

3. Are their going to be schematic drops or even crew skill updates to learn how to make the old 25,26 and 27's mods instead of having to RE them?

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