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Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
WANT. (A PC version, that is.)

The GamePad features can still be implemented on other platforms with the use of a smartphone/tablet app. Make it happen, Eidos!

The porting of that feature seems unlikely, though. Nintendo could have had them sign some exclusivity deal or something, either for that feature, or maybe even the whole DC edition, to bolster diminishing Wii U sales.
Monster Hunter 3 Unlimited has already bolstered diminishing Wii U sales The director's cut of DXHR isn't going to come out until a lot of other prominent Wii U games will already have been released, so no, this isn't anything to do with Nintendo funding anything. I think Eidos just want to experiment with Wii U and the gamepad since a lot of the ideas and mechanics in the game seem to fit really well with how the overall game is designed. |

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