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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
How so?
For not going in a direction I wanted!

But honestly, I think they are trying to hard to cater to casual audiences or everybody while also trying to please the "hardcore" fans at the same time. There are still solely about making games which is a good thing(unlike *cough* Microsoft *cough*) but compared to the PC and other two consoles their games aren't as good or in a small quantity. The 3DS has much better games being made by Nintendo than what is on the Wii, I don't get it.

However, I do enjoy DKCR, Kirby: Return to Dreamland, and Skyward Sword. As well as Smash Bros and Mario Kart Wii. I just don't like the focus on motion controls at all. I wish Skyward Sword utilized the classic controller. I do plan on owning a Wii/Wii U for myself one day, but am in no rush due to the great and bigger library of games on other consoles.
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