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GamePad features...

Original Game Mechanics utilizing the GamePad
• Hacking is now at its best on the GamePad. Use the speed and precision of your fingers to hack on the GamePad while the world remains visible on your primary screen.
• The “sniper scope” feature allows any weapon with a scope to use both the GamePad and primary screen for a two-step, precision sniping.
• The Toolkits (previously in-game menus) are now all easily displayed and accessible on the GamePad.
• The Radar is now featured on the touch screen and is a hybrid of the original radar and the 2D Map. Opening the 2D Map Toolkit allows players to draw hints, paths, and notes that will remain on the radar.
• The Quick Inventory is now displayed on the GamePad touch screen, leaving the primary screen clear.
• Looting shows detailed descriptions about the items and doesn’t require players to access extra menus to see the content.

New Features
• Grenade Throw-Back: Grenades near Jensen appear on the GamePad; the player can then swipe the grenade icon to throw the grenade back.
• New Augmentation – “Tactical Pattern-Recognition System”: Display Jensen’s view through the GamePad touch screen. Moving the GamePad around will move Jensen’s view (the camera) in the same way, using the gyroscope. The NPC closest to Jensen’s center point of view (reticle) will have an extra information panel appearing over his head, giving precious information like the items carried, total health, armor type, and state (unconscious, dead, normal). Jensen can still move and shoot while the T.P-R.S is active.
• Infologs: Information packages that can contain detailed screenshots, voice recordings, drawing, and typed notes all together. Infologs can be toggled as a physical beacon in-game to be played automatically when standing on it. Infologs can be shared through the Miiverse to your friends, which let them view your content in-game, without breaking the immersion.
• GamePad Mode: Ability to play on the GamePad (No TV needed).

It's easy to write off if you haven't used the gamepad, but using it in these kinds of ways in a game adds to the overall experience. I love using it in ZombiU as my survival kit and how it forces me to switch attention from two different points and I love how LEGO City uses it as a communications device as it streams audio and video of an incoming caller to my gamepad while I'm still able to play the game and not be stuck in some paused state.

GamePad does so much for these kinds of games, it's awesome. |

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