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((Sorry for the wait.))

Tusken Raider Hideout

"I can't promise you that we'll find the imperials who killed your family, however if you let me aid you, I can guarantee you that you'll have a good opportunity to strike a great blow against the empire itself."

Rarakor thought for a moment. He hated the Empire with a passion and the opportunity to strike a blow against it seemed like a great opportunity. He looked over the Transdoshan and thought for a moment. He had assumed that he wouldn't live very long after completing his quest.

Hmph. I am already an outcast on Kashyyyk and don't plan on returning there at any time. Not after what he had done.

(("Your offer intrigues me.")) He said as he turned his body so that he show the Transdoshan a small piece of armor on his shoulder. (("I wear a small piece of armor that I took from one of the troopers before I was knocked out back on Kashyyyk. I will assist you but If I finally do meet the squad that took my family from me I will expect you to aid me in killing them."))

Dune Sea

Varias was barely able to hold her own against a few of the Tusken Raiders and she knew she was in trouble as many of them poured over sand dunes. She gathered the force around her and unleashed a massive force wave that sent many of them flying backward but more and more of them just kept coming at her.

"We need to fall back!" She shouted at Tyler. "I'll hold them back, you grab the human and head for the wreckage! I'll cover you!"

She pulled her second lightsaber it and connect the two of them at the hilt and ignited the other end of the Lightsaber staff.

She unleashed another wave of force energy. It was a powerful defensive move but she was quickly weakening.
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