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Here's all the Wii games I have... seems like a lot to me, and most of them are pretty damn good. I think my current generation console line-up (Wii, PS3, 360) is 50% Nintendo, 50% Sony+Microsoft).

However, there is a point to why you think that there aren't as many Wii games worth buying as there really are, it's because a) No one seems to advertise games released on Wii and they end up becoming pretty low profile despite being great games and b) most folks just don't choose to look and actually see what's available. They just assume it's just a Mario game and a Zelda game and that's it.

No one really does the kind of research Alexrd did to figure out which 360 exclusive games he wants because they just assume there's nothing to look for to begin with and assume that whatever is there won't be to their liking to begin with. |

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