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Hearing Varias, Tyler tried to act quickly. He got up from the ground to find that the one who had gunned down the two with gaffi sticks had apparently moved on. He moved back around the dune, but ducked back behind it as the sniper fired another round. Noticing that the Cathar woman was around 20 feet away, with battle raging all around, he shouted:

"There are a few problems with that plan, Cathar. We need to get away from the wreck! It must be what they're after. I can't get to you, and that 'human' is too heavy for me to even possibly carry. We have to leave him and run, or we'll be killed here. There are too many! Get over here if you can, but watch the sniper."

Getting hit by that sniper wouldn't do anyone any good. I just have to hope she doesn't die...

I have to survive too though.

As Tyler was thinking two trios came into view, one from the side of the dune with Varias -- armed with blasters and bulges showing more weapons, and possibly explosives under their robes -- and the other were from the direction he had just run from. These were armed with the traditional gaffi sticks. Must be more than one clan...

Tyler tried to back up into the dune and stay as still as possible as the gaffi stick group began to charge the blaster group.

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