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"Also, when Zarev...last spoke, his voice was lower than normal, not quite a bass tone, but there was something peculiarly 'off' about it. The timbre was almost otherworldly, come to think of it, and that's what scared me so much."

"I've been reviewing some of the security images that the computer was able to grab while Zarev was attacking us. " Vlalkor said thoughtfully as he remembered something. "It looked almost as if he was having small muscle seizures while attacking us. It's possible that seizures were casued by him trying to fight back against whatever was in his mind."

"Well, we have three things that may be able to tell us the difference between someone who is not possessed and who is. It's possible that there's more but at least we have something to work with now."

A small chiming sound came from the cockpit and Vlalkor got up. "Excuse me for a moment. Be right back."

As he reached the bridge he was able to see that there was some sort of high priority message coming in from the Taris spaceport command. It was on all frequencies and was being sent to all ships that were currently docked.

"Attention. Rakghouls have been sighted inside the defense perimeter. All troops are to divide into squads. Please be aware that this is a condition five alert. All crews should stay aboard their respective ships."

Condition five...He thought as he accessed what was left of the ship's computer and linked it to the Taris spaceport computer. The color left his face as he read what condition five meant.

He headed back down to the area where the rest of the group was and cleared his throat. "I think we can safetly assume that Voleran is here. The Taris spaceport has just issued a Condition five alert. I checked it, it means that the Rakghouls that are inside the defensive perimeter are using organized tactics against the republic forces."

Ruined Landscape

Zarev unleashed a massive force wave that sent quite a few of the Rakghouls back towards the runined walls and debries that littered the landscape of Taris. But they kept getting up and kept running at him

Time to switch strategies. He thought as he threw his lightsaber and used the force to adjust it's trajectory so that it cut down a group of Rakghouls.

I should have tried to shroud my presence in the force. He thought as he pulled a grenade off his belt and threw it into another group of Rakghouls that were coming at him. He turned away from the blast but as he reached out through the force he couldn't detect anymore of them coming after him.

Nice try Voleran. But it's going to take more than that to stop me. He thought as his lightsaber returned to his hands and he deactivated it. He had been given a second chance. And he would use to it to protect Per'dra and the others even if it cost him his life in the attempt.

Stay safe my friends. He thought as he continued on his way towards his destiny.
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