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Always being connected online would instantly make the Xbox a no-buy permanently for me unless it was available for a ridiculously cheap price. Hopefully Halo 5 and 6 will have novelizations!

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post

Here's all the Wii games I have... seems like a lot to me, and most of them are pretty damn good. I think my current generation console line-up (Wii, PS3, 360) is 50% Nintendo, 50% Sony+Microsoft).

However, there is a point to why you think that there aren't as many Wii games worth buying as there really are, it's because a) No one seems to advertise games released on Wii and they end up becoming pretty low profile despite being great games and b) most folks just don't choose to look and actually see what's available. They just assume it's just a Mario game and a Zelda game and that's it.

No one really does the kind of research Alexrd did to figure out which 360 exclusive games he wants because they just assume there's nothing to look for to begin with and assume that whatever is there won't be to their liking to begin with.
Thats a excellent library of games, but I think another problem with the Wii not counting the multi-platform titles is that it seems specialized towards children/families or Japanese fans(fans of Japanese-esque games). For western audiences the other two consoles may be more appealing. Its all about the taste of the particular gamer and I think Wii is more of a family friendly console more than anything else.

With the exception of Nintendo and Sega I don't really know any Japanese developers I get excited about anymore. I think Square-Enix lost me with Final Fantasy 13 and Capcom I have had annoyances with on every level after loving then in the 90s. Thats really my opinion, but I think alot of western audiences have lost interest in many of the Japanese games, where the Wii has the most of its exclusive library consisted of.

This is kinda sad and causes many games on the console to be skipped, but games like Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story are games that cater to a very specific audience. Mario and Zelda being the more well-know IPs its understandable people may think thats all there is on the system. Japanese games have become forgotten to the West, or the majority.

I suck at this. Trying to explain stuff on a message board!

Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
The Wii's catalogue is mostly made of exclusives. But those same exclusives, as good as they are, don't interest me as much as the multiplataform offers of the Xbox and PS3. And like GeneralPloKoon, I really don't like the heavy focus on motion control. Otherwise, I would buy games like New Super Mario Bros. instantly.

As a fan of Sonic, I really envy Mario as far as quality games and treatment go.
New Super Mario Bros. really doesn't use motion controls and has the Wii-mote work as a controller. That's awesome and I wish Skyward Sword had a no motion-controls option! The Virtual Console store is great though if you
love the old school Nintendo/Genesis&Mega-Drive games.

But yeah, I think motion controls is silly. Probably because I have used controllers for so long.

I'm a massive Sonic fan too! I think Sega has done really well with Sonic Colors(a Wii Exclusive ) and Sonic Generations. I think Sonic is going to make a comeback from his Dark Times if SEGA keeps up the quality!
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