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Ok....been a while. I haven't done any modding since before Thanksgiving. However, a few of recent inquiries by some people coupled with the news from LucasArts has kind of fanned the flames of modding....although very slightly....within newbiemodder.

Here's a cutscene from Onderon Expansion: Return of Yuthura Ban.

I had planned to stick this somewhere during Telos exploration to build awareness of the pending mod.

Nothing fancy.
Thanks to HK-42 for use of Coruscant loadscreens.

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YouTube Video

There is a second cutscene that I will put up in the coming days....just working on the voice files.

RE: Trials of Darth Herrco

What I may do is put out a short Demo or Beta....which will take you through one of the trials and see if you all like it so far. It would be open to whomever wants to play it. It won't include the TSL patcher but instructions to manually install the files, similar to what Logan did with his mod. Stay tuned..........

Like I said, trying to build some excitement and momentum.......we'll see.

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