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Cool Guy Jedi Academy Hi res Shader

HDR lighting and supurb sharpness---need JKA source code pm me


Getting right to it i discovered a way to get JA to work with direct x shaders. The results are stunning when looking in game. Heres how to accomplish this......

1. Download GLdirect 5--

2. Download Sweet Fx 1.4--

3. Download Sweet Fx configurator--

4. My preset for this game--

Install Instructions.

Unzip all Gldirect the locate the bin folder inside is an opengl32.dll...You need to put this extension into the folder where the games exe is for single player.

Now unzip the sweet fx folder copy all contents inside the main folder and paste them into the jedi academy folder with the exe.

Finally install the sweet fx configurator as administrator make sure the folder is on your desktop. Once installed you can launch the application from the setup exe. Youll need to have admin right when you launch the application....I just right click compatibility mode and check the run as admin then apply.

Now launch the configurator it will be blank at first..u need to go to bottom left and click add game then find the ja exe sp and load it.

Now click on add load game at the right top of application. Once thats done you should see the words active next to the jedi academy exe you loaded. From here its tweak city you can mess around with the setting to get a look you like.

Heres a link to site with preconfig shaders settings-----


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This has interested me into making a texture pack for this game.........

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