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@ kyrie - should be no conflict with either Onderon Expansion or Trials of Darth Herrco with DI's Tomb mod. However, I don't think it is compatible with the original Korriban expansion. I created a whole new 701KOR.mod file for that mod so I could make the transition trigger to the valley floor. I'm assuming DI probably did the same thing. Those two .git files would have to be combined....again I'm assuming that DI did it the same way I did to include his tomb entrance placeable.

@Zhaboka - That force vision effect is included. My graphics card doesn't show it on my computer. But I did include it in the dialog tree so, yes, that should show for all those with better computers than me

I uploaded a demo for the Trials of Darth Herrco at Deadly Stream. There is a thread here at TUCE for more info.

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Just exactly what is a head-piece to the Staff of Ra?

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