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I served my conscription service there, near of Vladivostok. Even if Kim "Hamster" the Third miraculously have a nuke, then there's nothing to worry about, he will never use it, i sure. They are just a communists after all! All these hysteria around Bad Korea is because of Kim-3 wants to have food and oil again and also wants to show everybody that he is "serious boy like his daddy was before him". The best way to deal with him is to surround his place with anti-missiles and ignore all his resentful cries. He will calm down after time and come to ask for goods in more friendly way, like it was for many times before.

But now those Bad Korean clowns only creates market for American arms.

Rogue15, hm, interesting. I actually never experienced +40C on my skin.

In a trillion years,
the stars will no longer shine
But we'll remain, get it right
and come back again... BT

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