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After a long time of hard work, some resumption etc... I'm here to show you guys : Republic Commando Order 66: Kamino Campaign.
As the title says, it's a campaign which takes place on Kamino. It's working at 99 % even if it's not the final version but more a preview of what it will be. In fact, need to be worked again, a few details corrected, lighting improved etc etc...
However it still contains 5 playable maps (PRO, Kam_01A, Kam_01B, Kam_01C and Kam_01D) where you play as Viper, the Sev's replacer.

Here is the download link: Here

And for all the updates about the mod, it'shere

Hope, you'll like it ! And tell me how i can improve it, what I can change etc...

Oh and a little tutorial to how to install the mod:

1)You make a copy of your vanilla RC (vanilla RC is RC without any mod installed)

2)You paste it wherever you want and rename it as you want (as soon as it's clear in your mind)

3)You extract the downloaded archive on your Desktop

4)You copy the contents of the Animations folder from the archive and paster it in the Animations folder from your copy of RC (sif it asks you to replace anything, just say yes (You don't care, it's just a copy of your original RC so your original RC is protected (as soon as you don't touch it) (Or you won't be able to play MP anymore)

5)You make the same thing for every folder (PS: Folder are in the GameData folder)

When it's done, open your game (GameData/System/SWRepublicCommando.exe (the icon with the Commando head) and start a new campaign. It will automatically start the custom maps
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