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Hi, this isn't really a fix but it should get you where you need to be.

First off, go to your kotor installation directory and open the file swkotor.ini

It should open in notepad, from there scroll down to the line that reads [Game Options]

Make a new line underneath and type in: EnableCheats = 1

Then save, you may need to save to the desktop and copy it back into the directory as the folder will be read-only

Open up the game and load your save. Then press the ` key (directly above tab) to open the cheat console.

Type the following: warp korr_m33aa
Then press enter

It should load the module you first go into on korriban, from there hop in the Ebon Hawk and fly off to end game

PS: This is not a fix, and utilises the game cheat console. The only side effect of this is you will see yellow text on your save file in-game which will read "Cheats Used"

Hope this helped

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