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Originally Posted by iLoveLampXx View Post
Dear LucasForums community,

I made an account just to be able to try and get some help with this issue I have been having with KSE.

I had a single playthrough set up on KotOR (only created one character). After having some compatibility issues (I'm using windows 7), I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it quite a few times in quick succession before finally getting the game to work again. Unfortunately, I solved one problem but only created another; I wasn't surprised to find my save file was gone after trying to repair the game. I made a new one and played about 2 hours when I decided to use KSE to spice up my gameplay. I started up TSE only to find my deleted save game file. Not the new one, the old one that I lost while repairing the game. I completely uninstalled the game again and deleted all registry entries as well but no matter what I did that save game still appears and my newer ones do not. I tried moving my saved games to a different folder only to get an error message that reads "2da.bif not found, bad path."

I also get error messages when trying to expand the list of the quicksaves from my glitched save. I made a .LOG file to record these errors in hopes to try and get this thing to work.

Show spoiler

I get this error only when trying to click on the 'glitched' saved game files. Again, my newer save files don't even show up.

This whole thing has been very frustrating for me, I've spent 4-5 hours just trying to get this to work with no avail. Please help me.

Well, Nick, I have worked on the KSE source code in my spare time( adding a feature or two for-ease-of-use and one other thing), and believe that I can help.

First, a few questions:
1. Where are you installing the game each time you install it?

2. How are you saving your game(i.e: are you using quicksave/autosave, or manually saving your game)?

3. When you uninstall, do you keep the box checked to keep your saved games and stuff? If you are, but want to keep your settings, then just delete the "saves" folder after uninstalling the game.

Those are things I need to know to help you. Also, with the error you are getting regarding the autosave, I have this to say:

It can't find tar_m10aa.sav in the saved game, which means you have a glitched/botched/corrupted save game and should try overwriting it by loading an earlier save and progressing through the game.

P.S:If you're wondering about the KSE I've been working on, it needs one flaw worked out, and permission from Tk102 to release(who is ignoring me). One good feature I've added is the ability to load a saved game without having to quit KSE and restart it.(i.e:you edit something in-game and would normally have to restart KSE to see the changes. That's no longer the case.)

All of my mods are available on Deadlystream.

Always remember modders: "Quality= Effort*Time"

KSE 3.3.7 is LIVE!!! Check it out here.

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