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"We should send a message back offering to provide help. Then if any of the soldiers down there fire on us intentionally, it should tip us off that they have been contaminated."

"I know some of us might not want to chance being exposed to the Rakhgoul disease, but if we don't do this, we could end up waiting for the Republic to send reinforcements. We all know how thin they are spread these days. That said, what do you think, boss?"

Vlalkor answered without any hesitation. "Good plan Light. I agree. We should head out there and help out as best we can. And I've been thinking, Avriela, from what I heard back on Balmorra you were able to tell that something was wrong with that sith that you fought back on Balmorra through the force somehow. Is it possible that if you concentrate you can tell us who is controlled and who isn't?"

The former sith thought for a moment. "It's more of a feeling than an ability but yes...I suppose I could. I should warn you that I can't pinpoint exactly who is being controlled, I can tell you if they're approaching or are near us but thats it."

"Good enough." Vlalkor said as he grabbed his blaster rifle and headed for the ramp but paused for a moment to turn and look back the group.

"I don't need to tell you all whats at stake here. Whatever Voleran is doing...we can't allow it to continue. If we fail, he will either kill us or use his abilities to turn us against the republic. It stops here whatever the cost."
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