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Insta-kill Sabers

Well hey there everyone.

I've debated whether to put this on the emporium as it isn't really a mod, or at least not a good one anyway. Nor is it something anyone here couldn't make in a few minutes with kotor tool. Anyway, I decided someone might find it useful so here it is.

Originally, I quickly made this on request from someone in the republic newsfeed, but I might as well release it to the world.

So the mod is fairly self explanatory from the title, it adds the onhit instant kill modifier that the insta-kill blaster has to five? new lightsabers, one of each color in the game by default. Check the readme for instructions on how to get them in the game.

To be honest i'm really not sure why someone would need this other than potentially for mod testing to get out of fights quickly, while still not wanting to sacrifice their jedi (or sith) look by carrying around a blaster.

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