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So while I thought I had early access, I don't , I am stuck just gettting all my people to just 1 point shy from 51 and trying to get them geared for the exspansion on the 14th. That being said, for those who do have early access and played on the test server

Is there a new diminishing returns benchmark set on surge, crit etc. (I know it kinda depends on the classes for some of these) for the exspansion pack? I know for alot of classes it was surge anywhere between 285 or 300 and crit along the same lines and in some cases accuracy needed to be 110% or you didn't need to worry about accuracy.

Just wondering if any of those have raised up or if anyone has figured it out yet.

Also kinda wondering you if you guys on the Walking Carpets website are gonna update your guides for the certain classes that we can view to figure out how best to maximize our toons. I now some of the ones I have used the skill tree has changed and I am guessing at some of the things to not put skill points in (Sentinal Watchman for example the bottom row of one of the trees has changed)

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