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TOR ate my KotOR
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Not going to say I am crazy about all the changes with 2.0, but I love the Rise of the Hutt Cartel's missions so far. Level 54 1/2 and have died 4 times, two are normal for me, fell down big holes, knew that was going to happen the first time I saw pictures of Makeb. The other two were this morning trying to get a chest from 2 elites and a large mob of weaks. I got the chest, too stubborn not to.

While the missions have a lot of grinding type parts (kill 50 or this or that), not really bothered since I am leveling and the new achievements. Not sure about other classes, but the writing for the female smugglers lines have been great, if you haven't played a female smuggler, I HIGHLY recommend you play one, or team up with one (just be sure to lose all convos).

My guess is I am getting close to the end of Rise of the Hutt Cartel, which is sad since I have really enjoyed the story, the humor (smuggler) and the combat. Not sure if it was that my main was just so over geared to start or I am just that good (I know it was the gear), but I haven't had any difficult challenge yet, although I have not done the heroic 4+s since I don't want to get grouped as chance losing a conversation and missing a line. Kind of rude to team up and then refuse to continue with someone.

If you haven't purchase Rise of the Hutt Cartel I recommend it, however pay attention, there are areas where you will become flagged if you enter them. There is a warning.

Oh and Bremiaha kissed a girl, and she liked it.

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