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"I think we can safetly assume that Voleran is here. The Taris spaceport has just issued a Condition five alert. I checked it, it means that the Rakghouls that are inside the defensive perimeter are using organized tactics against the republic forces."

Corsail scowled. They've always got a welcoming party ready for us. "We just killed a dark council member, Voleran knows that these rakghoul aren't going to stop us. He just wants to slow us down."

"I don't need to tell you all whats at stake here. Whatever Voleran is doing...we can't allow it to continue. If we fail, he will either kill us or use his abilities to turn us against the republic. It stops here whatever the cost."

Whatever the cost... Corsail focused on these words. What do I have to lose? He asked himself. Everything I ever really cared about about was taken from me. Everyone else here has a reason to fight, some of them have families they want to protect, and some of them are just fighting for what they believe in. And what am I fighting for? Credits? I'll never be like my father, a true hero, a jedi. What Varik said was true, i'm nothing more then a worthless piece of space trash. I have no purpose.

He closed his eyes and bit down hard on his lower lip. When he opened his eyes both of his blasters were in his hands, ready to be used. "I'm ready. Let's stop Voleran."

Lets rock and role play!

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