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Ugh. I just woke up.

Some background:

I worked until after 11:30 every night last week. Which means that I normally get home around 1am, in bed after 2. So this morning I had to be to work at 8am.

Problem is, my body was was still in "bed at 2am" mode. So getting to sleep last night turned out to be impossible, and I was awake all night... and the more I stressed about needing to get to sleep so I could wake up early, the more impossible actually getting to sleep became.

So I went to work this morning on zero sleep. Fortunately, the shift ended around noon, and I got home as quickly as I could. I tried to fight it... but after more than 24 hours without sleep, I lost, and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon away.

Another day wasted.

Did I mention that I love this time of year at work?

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