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"It's not rakghouls I fear. Even if I become one of them, there's no way any monster can frighten me worse than Voleran. He already has Zarev, but he won't claim any more of us. Not if I have anything to say about it..."

I'm Ready, Lets stop Voleran

Vlalkor looked over the group with pride in his eyes and a smile on his face. Before he headed for the ramp though, he accessed the Shan's external cameras to check and see if there were any Rakghouls waiting outside the Shan for them. There were a small number of them heading past the Shan and two of them were clawing at the hull.

"We've got two Ghouls outside the hull and a few more heading in the general direction of the Spaceport control center. I think the Republic troops can handle the group heading for control center but we can't let them get at the Shan's interior parts. Sooner or later they're going to realize that there are still holes in the hull from Balmorra that they can get into."

Vlalkor headed for the ramp and lowered the ramp down low enough that he was able to get a clear shoot at the two ghouls and shot them both in the head. Vlalkor smiled and lowered the ramp down the entire way and stood down at the entrance.

"Are you all ready?" He asked as he scanned the area for more ghouls. Avriela headed down the ramp and ignited her own double bladed lightsaber and shook her head.

There's something's so familiar but I can't quite place it...She thought to herself.
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