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Hey everyone!

I wanted to inform you guys on what has been going on with RoR, lately.

About a week ago, I came across two programs which I believe will change RoR for the better. I will be discussing one of the two programs since the second is still being tested for its benefits.

Articy : Draft (made by Nevigo )
This program is a professional tool for story and game design, aimed towards non-linear storytelling.

For the past week and for the rest of April, I will be placing all the documents and assets and more into this program. I have already developed a system for Quest Building /Dlg which will work perfect with RoR.

In the past, the number-one issue has been pipeline issues. Others like Trex, Doc, and others who have built large story mods can tell you there is a lot of keeping tabs on everything, which can be overwhelming lol but you make due

I demo the new design/layout to JediExile last night ,thanks google+ for screen share =).

I wanted to share some images of the development phase (the non glamorous part).
Here are a few images to help give you guys some idea of what I'm talking about..

Show spoiler

You see all the Exile Heads...yup...I still plan to allow you to choose your Exile's appearance..

Show spoiler

Some of the Major NPCs.....

Show spoiler

The program has the ability to write in script format and I can also import these type of files which will mean an easier and quicker to getting writers content in.

Show spoiler

I can build layouts for locations and design them before I even put a NPC in the actual module, plus I can share the computer screen or print these out for team members.

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Character Templates to help to allow all team members to have the same reference when writing a scene. You can also create your own templates as well.

I know you guys haven't seen any huge updates, but I wanted to show that the Mod is going well and will become easier to manage and easier for fellow members to have the access to what they need for building content.

This is a great program (you can find it on Steam), but it isn't free, so I would say if your interested in getting into large mod/game projects, and indie games, you might want to take a look at it since it is a very powerful tool once you learn to use it.

That is all for now but, I hope to have another update by the end of the April with something more pleasing to see then Flow charts =)



PS. If anyone has any questions about this program, feel free to send me a visitor message, not a private one since my mail box is kind of full.

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