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Originally Posted by Vindikorr View Post
Really? I'm using a Radeon 6850 and I've never had any problems playing either of the games since I got it about 2 years ago.
They're very minor issues and it largely depends on your hardware and software combination, and I guess I didn't luck out; I install different drivers and it fixes one issue but bring backs another, irritating.
Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Laptop or desktop? What's your budget?
Desktop. I see GeForce cards for sale all the time for something like $15 to $30... I wouldn't exactly call it my budget, but anything in that range would be convenient
Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
Don't know if this is more expensive than what you are aiming for but I have the GeForce GTS 250 and it runs KotOR beautifully.
This is one of those I was talking about, $30 on, however it appears to be out of stock at the moment.

So thanks for the suggestions, everyone... I'll keep my eye out for any of these particular models, though I'd welcome more of course.

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