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“Telos IV,” said Atton, more to himself than anyone else. They were on the Passenger Shuttle that debarked from Khoonda a few days ago and were finally on the descent into the Station.

“I remember you have said you have been here before, Master,” replied Sheliah.

Atton looked at her. She was turning twenty-one standard years of age in a few months, but already she had come so far in her knowledge of the Force that Atton saw in her the Potential, just how Jonas must have saw in him. He took her under his guard and proceeded to teach her everything he knew. She was a bright student, and quite the courageous and hot-tempered woman he was usually attracted to. But Atton was not attracted to her in a physical sense; it was her mind that lured him to her side. There was no bond except that of a Teacher and Student. It was something Atton enjoyed. She had long dark hair that fell down past the middle of her back, tied into a long single braid. She wore the standard brown robes of a Jedi Knight, and the fire in her bright green eyes reminded Atton of himself when he was younger. She was more of a student to him, she was a friend. And that made him certain that he would teach her everything she had to know to survive in this dangerous galaxy.

“Yeah,” he said, “although it seems like a lifetime ago.”

“In a sense it was,” she replied.

Atton smiled. “I guess it was,” he said; “a life that’s too far away to reach back to now, even if I wanted it; I like this life, and what we’re doing now. There are some things that you need to know before we land however.”

Sheliah looked at him attentively and nodded. Atton continued, “as we land, we will be greeted by the TSF, and if we’re lucky we won’t be sent to a Force Cage,” he smirked at her confused expression. “We will be taken to a meeting room, I expect. I will do the talking, you’ll observe. We’ll meet with Carth, find out what he knows about Visas and we will decide what to do from there. If all goes to plan, we’ll be gone from this place before the setting of the Sun.”

Sheliah nodded, and Atton looked out of the small viewport. He didn’t tell his Apprentice about the darkening pit in his stomach that twisted itself into more of a knot with each passing moment. His bad feelings have always served him well in the past; he just hoped that this one was wrong…


Carth Onasi, Admiral of the Republic Fleet and Companion of Revan put down the datapad he was holding and looked at the security officer that had just entered his office.

“Sir!” the security officer saluted. “Jensen Ghorn, TSF. The shuttle holding Master Jedi Atton Rand and his Apprentice has docked in Bay 0014.”

Carth nodded. “At ease, Ghorn. Thank you for the message. See to it that they are brought to me here immediately. I wish to speak to Rand at once.”

“As you say, Sir,” replied Ghorn. He saluted once again, turned and left the room.

Carth sighed and leaned back into his chair. He wasn’t exactly sure how this was going to go; Rand was an unknown to him. He’d seen him once or twice during the Fight For Telos when the Sith Lord, Darth Nihilus attacked, but he hadn’t had the chance to speak with him. But he had spoken with Visas and The Exile, and he had liked Visas, even though she was a little different that most people. That made him make sure that Rand knew what he knew. It wasn’t much, to be honest, but hopefully it would help in the coming days…

Half an hour passed and Carth heard the incoming alert that he had visitors. He sat down at his desk and admitted the new arrivals.

Jensen Ghorn, Atton Rand and his Apprentice entered. Carth smiled and rose from his chair and shook the Jedi’s hand. Ghorn left the room.

“A pleasure to meet you, Master Rand,” said Carth. “And this is…?” he gestured towards the woman standing in front of him.

“Sheliah Myrzene,” answered Atton. “My Apprentice.”

“Pleasure,” said Carth as shook Sheliah’s hand.

“Likewise,” she replied. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Admiral. I did not think I would ever meet you.”

“Trust me,” said Carth, smiling. “Whatever the HoloNet has reported about me, most of it probably is exaggerated, I assure you. Now,” he looked back to Atton. “I am sure you are wondering as to why I asked you to come here in person?”

“Just a little bit,” answered Atton. “It must be important.”

Carth nodded and gestured for the two Jedi to have a seat. “It is,” he said. “About two months ago, a shuttle docked here in Docking Bay 0014. You may remember it.... In any case, it was reported that a Jedi Master had landed and would like an audience with me. I accepted, if only to see which Jedi Master it was and it turned out to be Visas Marr. We had a meeting in this very office and she disclosed to me that she was on a mission of great importance. She was on the path to finding Revan and the Jedi Exile. I was curious and asked her why she had come to me, of all people.

“She replied in saying: ‘of all people, Admiral Onasi, you were one of the very few who knew Revan best. She and the Exile share a bond, one that I myself could never hope to comprehend, but I travel through these stars in search of clues nonetheless. It is my understanding that Telos IV once housed a Jedi Master in secret, whether the government on this planet knew it or not.’

Carth looked at Atton. “This was where I started to pay more attention. I had reports of a hidden enclave somewhere in the Polar Region, and I even heard the Exile mention it when the Sith were attacking, but I took less notice than what I should have it seems. In any case, Visas continued to say: ‘Jedi Master Atris was here, but I was on the station when Jonas ventured back to her and I do not know the full account of what occurred, but I do know she housed some artefacts that I wish to acquire and examine. I ask for your leave to search the Polar Region for Atris’s hidden base. This is your planet, Admiral. I am a Jedi, not a smuggler, I do not wish to trespass…’ – This was refreshing, I assure you Master Rand, for not many people who come here are that courteous. I allowed Visas full access to our systems and docking bays, I only asked that she made regular scheduled reports on her progress and well-being. I received numerous reports for many days, until suddenly, there was silence. I began to worry and sent some officers to investigate. They never returned. I sent a squadron of fighters to the Polar Region in search of our missing companions and they reported back saying that there was smoke and debris where a shuttle had once clearly been. No sign of a base could be found.”

Carth looked at Atton and his apprentice. “This is where I decided to make the call. I am no Jedi, but I am an officer of the Republic. I serve what I think is right for my people and I believe that something very strange is afoot here and I beg you to investigate. I can not spare the resources at the moment no matter how much I would like to. Will you help us in uncovering this mystery?”

Atton glanced at Carth and then to Sheliah. It only took him a second to decide.

“Yes, Admiral,” he said. “We will help. Even now, I sense something is not right here. We will do our best to discover the answer to the riddles. We will leave immediately.”

They all stood and Carth reached out and shook Atton’s hand. “Good luck, Master Jedi. I fear the worst, but hopefully this time I will be proved wrong.”

“Likewise,” replied Atton. “May the Force be with you.”

“And you too,” said Carth, as he watched the Jedi leave his office.

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