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Smile Scorge's WIP

Hey Guys, I created this new W.I.P Since my old one doesn't say "Scorge". I will be updating this thread every week with stuff like Daily Polls, and a Star Wars Song of the Week. [Just want to add extra content to the thread ]

My current WIP is a Darth Revan reskin. The reason I'm starting with the regular simple things is because I used to take on the hard stuff and never release a mod because they took so long and were tough. Well now I'm going through the easy stuff.

Although I am working on the 4th of July Mod, I would say the reskin as my current one.

The programs I use for textures are Adobe Photoshop CS2, and Adobe ImageReady CS2.

Here's a screenie of the texture in Photoshop.

I will fix many parts of the reskin, this is just a draft.


Should this mod include its very own Weapon set, quest, and Module? Or would that be too much just for a simple reskin?

Star Wars Song of the Week


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If you need help with textures on any KotOR/TSL mod, feel free to contact me.

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