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Unhappy Bombings at Boston Marathon

Yesterday, on April 15th 2013, at 2:50pm, two explosive devices were detonated at the Finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts.

For those of you that don't know, the Boston Marathon is an internationally known and renowned sporting event which attracts runners from across the globe. Running approximately 26.2 Miles from Hopkinton, MA to Boston's Copley Square, it has become a staple of Boston tradition.

In the course of this tragedy, over 170 people have been confirmed injured; 17 critically so. As of this posting, the death toll sits at 3, including 8 year old Martin Richard.

The day is also significant: Yesterday was Patriot's Day, which is a holiday in Boston that celebrates the role Boston (and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a whole) in the American Revolutionary War in 1776.

This is truly a horrific tragedy. However, I remain a proud Bostonian and I know the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will stand strong.

Proud of the Six One Seven.
We are Boston. We are strong. We will prevail.

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