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New JK Inspired Game - KINGDOMS RISE

Hi there fellow JK fans!
My name is Leigh and I am one of 2 developers currently building a new game called Kingdoms Rise.

Kingdoms Rise takes inspiration from the awesome fun I have had playing Jedi Knight, Dota, Mount&Blade and other multiplayer titles.

What I want to do here is reach out to the more hardcore Jedi Knight community and ask you guys to be a part of shaping KR into something you enjoy.
This game is for us/you, so please help us make it something you are wanting, as fellow JK fans.

Here's a couple of screenshots and video of KR to give you an idea of where the game is at now and what it looks like.

View page
YouTube Video

Please tell us what you think and If you want to play it for yourself just say so, that can be arranged

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