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I think the future of Star Wars gaming is quite murky. I'm sure we'll get Star Wars games but how many, how often, and of what genre are very much unknown at this point.

My impression is that Disney is not a company that is really interested in core gaming, AAA gaming, or whatever you want to classify USD$60 games for console and PC as. Disney's actions thus far have supported Disney CEO Robert Iger's statement that the House of Mouse would focus on mobile and social games and would look to licensing for other game genres. In short, anybody who wants to make games like Battlefront, Knights of the Old Republic, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, etc. will have to obtain a license from Disney as well as line up financial backing from a publisher if they don't have an existing publisher relationship, e.g. Obsidian Entertainment. It's all quite doable but of course with a third party's involvement it's more complicated than the typical developer pitch to a publisher.

There is also the issue of alignment with the new Star Wars movie(s). If Disney was willing to end production on the fairly successful Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series for TV to focus on making the new movies then I think it stands to reason Disney may be looking to have any new Star Wars games support the new movie(s). My impression is that Episode 7 is far from being finalized so if Disney isn't interested in having any new Star Wars games that don't support the new movie(s) then we're at least a couple of years away from the next USD$60 Star Wars game for console/PC but probably longer.

In summary, I've a fairly pessimistic view of Star Wars gaming's future for the next few years. If you're satisfied with Angry Birds Star Wars or Star Wars characters being incorporated into Disney's new Infinity initiative then you'll probably be OK with the state of Star Wars gaming in the near term. If however like me you're looking for more meat to your Star Wars gaming experience then I firmly believe you'll have to wait a while. It looks like Star Wars: The Old Republic will be the only serious Star Wars gaming option out there for some time to come.

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