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Not trying to troll here, but imho I really did not invest much faith in LucasArts that they would actually see these games (1313 and SW:FA) through to completion. LA has been dragging its knuckles for a while now, I think wasn't it the last CEO that stepped down caused a lot of developmental games to expire because of the mass layoffs occurring at the time. Anyway it's not the end of the world or the gaming world, there are still plenty of enjoyable game franchises out there that are backed by decent developing companies. I know that a lot of us won't heed these words but I'd rather remember the glory days of LA (Maniac Mansion, Monkey's Island, Super Star Wars, KOTOR I & II, etc) and continue playing those classics, remembering how they shaped my gaming cabinet rather than dwell on the inevitably obvious outcome of Disney's consumption of Lucasfilm. Just my 2 cents. /steps off soapbox
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