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Ok, thanks for all the feedback guys, I'll address each thing as it came in;
@Dominus_Scotus: Nope this isn't a SW game, it's set in our own fantasy setting

@JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan: Yes, we planned to work on this game for the duration of 2013 and then get selling it after that, we hope to have a beta that we can pre-sell earlier than that though, so it may very well go on sale during this year, God willing

@setlec: if my above response didn't answer it, we started developing at the beginning of 2013, so about 4 months

@Mizore and @katanamaru: I totally agree, after refreshing myself at JK we have gone and increased the pace of combat substantial, check the video bellow for how it is currently

@battle111: we have a low/mid range PC here, it runs the game exceptionally well, I can't quote any specific figures as to RAM requirements, but I do know that it is less than 4gigs, since that is our limit. My laptop struggles on the cathedral map, but runs fine otherwise (and its a laptop)

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