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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
That's probably a bit late yes.
But it's all there, so you could also just install it to a dummy location and look at the files how we done it, or/and copy them over .
Actualy i already almost finished the game with TSLRCM.The stupid part is that it's 1.6 version.And no...the Bao-Dur thingy wasn't in it.I thought that 1.6 is the latest version(according to filefront).Those moderators there really need to fix their site's bugs.1.8.1 is there but it's something like a "hidden file".It initialy shows an error untill i don't refresh the page few times.Next time i'm going with modb.

On a side note:Those features were in the initial plan course of the game?Why would they remove it?The constant apearence of the HK units really creates the feel that the exile is really hunted by those droids.You can never have enough droids in this game...

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