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Boink, update time. I haven't stopped modding. Though been fighting with Lightmaps all this time. Saddly my street area kept being faulty. I've tried many things to get it fixed, but it only made things worse, far worse. As in making the game just crash and die on me. All of this was so frustrating I'm just making a new area. Learned a lot of the last area so things are going a long nicely.

So a first teaser is in order:

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Nar Shaddaa hasn't been the only project I've worked on. A few modders from the Holowan community are using my old Yavin 'jungle' areas; which I really enjoy. Fun news on that is I'm making new jungle areas. Which if all goes well, will look better and have lightmaps. Second fun bit is, I don't have plans to use these areas in a mod of my own. Once it works in the game, these will get packed and to be used freely by all you modders out there!

Been working on this thing to:
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