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Chapter III
[Coruscant Spaceport]

The Republic officer looked at the three Jedi blankly, after they related the capture of a Jedi and Senator.

“Well, I suppose that’s what you get when you Jedi get involved in politics.” The Republic officer joked.
“Sir, yours is the only ship and crew that could aid our rescue attempt.” One of the three Jedi pleaded.

The Republic officer stopped in his tracks. He looked the three Jedi straight in the eyes. What if it fails? What will happen then? He pondered. Yeah, but their sincerity is clearly seen. Perhaps, it would be ideal to have Jedi owe a favor.

“Fine.” The officer finally responded, with a deep sigh. “But, when I have trouble in the future, you will help me too.”
“Very well; but, understand that we are keepers of the peace and not soldiers.” The Jedi replied.
“Then, let’s get the ship and crew prepped. We may yet save your friend quickly.”

The three Jedi and Republic officer scrambled as they got the other crew members and the ship prepared to take off. Little did they notice a solitary protocol droid slip in their ranks. The ship took off with no one the wiser as to its purpose.

[Republic Hammerhead-class cruiser]

The crew was still busy enough hours after they left Coruscant that they had not seen or paid any attention to the protocol droid.

“Master, all is going to the plan.” The droid said quietly, as it hid in an empty corridor.
“Good.” The mysterious recipient replied.
“Then, I have your approval to proceed with the next phase?” The droid inquired.
“Yes, commence with the next phase.”

[Meanwhile in Tatooine Dungeon]

Aydrea finally awoke for the first time since she was captured hours ago. She glanced to check her surroundings and to find the Senator. Quickly, Aydrea realized by the locked cages all around the room that she was in a dungeon. As she struggled against the manacles binding her to the wall, she found that her lightsaber was not on her belt. What would Master Adri think if she saw me now? Aydrea pondered, while still trying to form a plan of escape. Only then did she notice that there were two guards outside her cell. They came in, escorting two other people into the cell. To Aydrea's surprise, it was Senator Mothin and the Chiss from the holo.

"You." Andrea said.
"But, of course. After all, we promised the Hutt a Jedi if he would fund our restoration project." Senator Mothin explained.
"You won't get away with this." Aydrea said.
"Oh, but we will. Especially since my droid infiltrated your would-be rescuers' cruiser." the Chiss replied, almost amused.

The words rang true as he said them. As he continued speaking, his words drowned out as her thoughts turned toward the rescue team. Please, let them make it here safely.

[Republic Hammerhead-class cruiser]

Alarms were blaring as explosions occurred throughout the ship. Frantically, a crew member ran to the captain.

"Sir, we must abandon this mission." the frightened Zabrak crew member said.
"No, not while there is still hope. Initiate Code: Fried Gizka."

The crew scrambled to execute the order, repairing what they could and searching for any clues to the cause. After several minutes, one of the Jedi found what he assumed was an unusual outbound holocall from one of the terminals in a hallway full of deactivated astromechs. Upon further inspection, he found that the holocall was made shortly after their departure. In haste, the Jedi ran back to the bridge to inform the captain of his findings.

"Sir, an unauthorized transmission occurred shortly after take-off." the Jedi noted. "What is more, the terminal used was in a hallway full of deactivated droids. I do not think it it is a coincidence, sir."
"How could I be so stupid? Scan for all droids." the captain ordered, hoping he was wrong.
"Only one is still active." the nearest crew member said, after a quick scan on a bridge terminal.
"Capture it with any methods necessary." the captain ordered.

Author's Note: Originally intended to add more to this chapter, but I found this was a better breaking point than the point where the extra content would've ended.

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