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Yippee Yippee Boing Boing!

I posted a topic about this a while ago, but there are quite a few new folk who've arrived since then, so I'll open the subject up again. (Although knowing this group, this will probably be the one and only time it's mentioned, since it's a GAME topic...!)

Anyway...what's your favorite ship to fly?

Myself, I like the TIE interceptor the best...although the A-wing comes in a close second. It depends on the level, of course, so for definition's sake I'll narrow the parameters to the Moff Seerdon's Revenge simulation. The mission's demands call for a well-rounded fighter, what with the speed needed for missile turrets and firepower needed against the shuttle at the end...not to mention maneuverability for use against those scum-sucking b****dog TIE fighters...!

As for sheer fun...nothing is more fun than taking the Millenium Falcon to Kile II. You HAVE to know what you're doing to get through those canyons safely, but it sure is a blast!

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