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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
more people die in cars than by guns in america.
However, they do require extensive training, a minimum age-limit, licensing, insurance, and state/ federal registration in order to own and use them legally.

The majority of car deaths and injuries are the unintended results of accidents while using them for their primary purpose. A fractional minority are intentional.

Can the same things be said about guns?

The primary purpose of a gun is to accelerate a deadly projectile to supersonic speeds with high accuracy.

The primary purpose of a car is to transport people and goods.

But perhaps we should treat car ownership the same way as gun ownership... Since some people are always bound to break the laws regarding car operation, then applying any laws to using and owning cars is a pointless and annoying exercise to those of us who are responsible car owners.

And the world we will find ourselves living in, where any 14 year old untrained, unlicensed, and uninsured yahoo with a couple hundred bucks could walk into a car auction, and get into his unregistered junker and immediately get on the road with the rest of us would be a much better, much more free one for us all... don'tcha think?

Why should it be easier and less complicated to get my hands on a gun than to get behind the wheel? The potential for mayhem is about the same... At the moment, all that's being asked is a couple minutes of paperwork, and a computer check to see if you have a known criminal background, or a known history of mental illness.

And, here's some statistics for thought:

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