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Originally Posted by Vindikorr View Post
You could just use the kotor save editor to change the gender.
Yeah, but changing the PCgender via KSE only has so many options. I mean, you could make them look any gender-specific way you want, but changing the actual internal gender variable just to pass the romance checks means ALL NPCs will presumably refer to you as that gender, too, right? Kinda breaks the illusion if you're trying to play as one gender and the game is using the wrong pronouns the whole time. :/

Like, I'd heard the mod for the gender conditionals actually modified the checks themselves for the gender variable to allow you access to the romance dialogues? Play as Gender A, get referred to as Gender A, still get into the romance originally intended for Gender B because the game just sort of shrugs when it's supposed to stop you, etc.

If I could even figure out where do begin messing with those checks I could probably work something out myself, but it's hard to track those kinds of things down even with KOTOR Tool.
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