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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
I could write an entire review of the series about how godly it is but I'm fairly sure every self-respecting review will praise the game just as much.

I can't recommend it enough, really. What console are you getting this? The PSVITA version, The Golden? If it is, congrats, I've been meaning to get a Vita just for this game - which is the definitive version.
Likely the Xbox360. Sorry, don't have Vita nor PS3. That makes me sad inside. (That and I am committed to building a new PC, all while keeping an elephant from christmas last year on my card at bay in the livingroom!!!) So unlikely I'll be making any purchases of my own.

Though it is probably good for me in several respects I am not frivolously spending on even minor things for now and the foreseeable future.

The series are a bit like Final Fantasy: entries aren't directly related and each has it's own story so P4 is as good as an entry point as any.
Ah. I never played any Final Fantasy but I at least know THAT much about them. Very helpful.

If you still have a PS2 (haha) or own a PSP, get Persona 3 as well: IMO, the story is even stronger on the third (the PSP version has everything but the ultra-hard storyline that takes place after the main story, which was included on the PS2 FES version. On the plus side you can play the entire game as a female character, which warrants some differences on how the side-stories unfold).
Hm. Well I have both systems, actually. Good to know.

I do like replay value indeed, as evidenced by the KOTOR games. It is interesting how gender and species can alter a story. Multifaceted stories are almost always worthwhile. I'm sure some aren't but I haven't met any of those yet!!!

It just seems like nowadays games don't have too much depth. You can always go around to places hosting custom maps and stories by other fans for older games like dungeon masters or avernum (exile, blades of exile, etc.) and find some really good stuff.

Same sort of thing with romhacks to a lesser extent. Dragoon X Omega 1 & 2. DXO 1 based on dragon warrior, DXO 2 based on Final Fantasy 1.
Or the Zero play expansion hack for MegaMan X 3--though this is as much to do with new dialogue as it is about additional gameplay trinkets.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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