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Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
Also, the quest system is awful. It used to be that you had to interact with NPC's to get them to give you a quest. Now you just overhear them and become a meddling busybody.
This is actually a neat advancement. It solves the problem I had with the series before of why Shepard, Most Important Man In The Galaxy must stop and talk to people to assure them that he'll fetch their laundry from other other side of the galaxy. Or why Shepard is fetching laundry for random people at all. Now if you don't find that quest relevant, you can ignore it and not have to be tied down by some personal obligation to the quest-giver.

Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
Why do I feel like my RPG IQ has suddenly dropped 100 points from playing Arcanum or even KOTOR/TSL?
Because it's not a proper RPG game. There's no dice rolls, no proper roleplaying so to speak and no complex rulesets. It's an action game with RPG elements, but it really cannot be compared to Arcanum or KotOR. You want a real RPG, you play The Witcher 2, or one of those obscure indie isometric RPGs by Spiderweb Software.

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