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K_Kinnison, there's lot of reasons to prevent inspectors in certain areas. Especially when these "inspectors" are from West and directly supports terrorists. I telling this because of i saw such of situation by my own eyes when so called "inspectors" from West visited positions of Russian troops in Northern Caucasus and then Chechen terrorists suddenly knows details that they just could not to know. During 1st Chechen War such of situations were common... until Russian soldiers just executed some of those western "inspectors" (well, they started just to afraid to visit positions of Russian troops). This is the same. If such of "inspectors" should enter, then they must exit only with lead implant in head. Western dirty supporters of terrorists cannot be trusted. So i really understand Syrian army in this question: western inspectors has nothing to do there in combat zone. That ones who anyway got their way to the zone must be neutralized by any method.

Rogue15, i telling about those guy with smashed legs in chair. Don't you think his wounds looks unnatural?

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